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We are one of the few cottages in the forest that allows dogs to be on holiday with their families. Why place your dogs in kennels when they would much prefer to come away with you. We have no restrictions on size or number of dogs allowed on holiday, however please remember it is a small cottage. The charge is £20 per dog per week, very reasonable when you consider the daily rates for kenneling and you have the added enjoyment of having your pet with you and the pleasure of long country walks.


If you have horses or ponies why not bring them with you. There is stabling available for 3 large horses and ample parking space for your horse lorry or trailer. There are many activities in the forest for horse back riding or even if you have a trap why not bring it with you. The charge is £20.00 per horse per day.


Unfortunately you cannot bring your own but here are some pictures taken from my back garden. I have included one of myself, the Mount Pleasant intrepid explorer. This picture was taken by my dashing assistant Jane, who bravely stood her ground in the face of these extremely dangerous and aggressive animals


For more information call: 01590 679358